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Information Assurance

Information Assurance (IA), a term describing the goal of all organisatisations; ensuring information, resources and assets are secure, unadulterated and available when needed. We have over 20 years experience of delivering IA and Security directly into the UK Government and supporting private sector organisations to aid alignment with statutory and regulatory requirements. More recently this has include the provision of consultancy as part of the CLAS scheme.

Protective Security

In a technology driven age organisations may be tempted to entrust the protection of their assets wholly in ICT solutions; however we belive that approach to securing information, assets and resources needs a risk managed, holistic approach. Therefore the use of physical and procedural security controls/measures could be as important as deploying a firewall or cyber-defence solution. These controls may also be less expensive both at implementation and through-life.

Security Architecture

The deployment of technical security controls to protect your ICT infrastructure is essential; however ensuring that these security controls are effective, appropriate to the requirements of the organisation, and just as importantly, cost effective. In this regard we believe that the architecture of security controls should form part of the organisation's Enterprise Architecture and meet organisational budgets, and business goals and outputs.

Specialist Resourcing

It is essential to all organisations to have the "right person for the job". Whilst this is very true, in much the same way as ICT equipment is assessed for its value add, shouldn't individuals be looked at similarly? We do; therefore our goal is not simply to meet your requirements, but to surpass them and deliver a range of services, all delivered by experienced and dedicated professionals.